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Samuel L Jackson joins the LC:M schedule by hosting the One For The Boys Fashion Ball

The One For The Boys Fashion Ball (an apt name on many levels) will take place on 15 June at the gargantuan Natural History Museum and will feature a Moët & Chandon reception, dinner cooked by a team of Michelin star chefs including Michael Caines and Tom Kerridge, and a silent auction, raising funds for the charity.

However the real draw will be seeing a few of Jackson’s celebrity friends hit the catwalk in clothes from some of the finest designers around such as Fendi, Armani and Alexander McQueen. Names already signed up to walk? Simon PeggLuke EvansTom HiddlestonDavid Walliams and, yes, Jackson himself. Our Editor Dylan Jones, a global ambassador for the charity, will be there on the night so you can be assured to see all the action here on However if you want to get yourself along to support the very worthy cause a limited number of tickets are available to buy on request by emailing

ETA: If this wasn’t already enough, here’s a little more awesome - there’s a raffle to win a luxury weekend in London and have lunch with Samuel L. (Muthaf***in’) Jackson. Go to #mygoodness for more details. There’s only one day left! (In addition to donating for an entry, there is also a free entry form.)

Thanks to matchgirl42 for the info!

There better be video. I swear to ALL THE GODS!

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